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The Azores - Stunning natural beauty and a fascinating history!

The uniquely beautiful nine islands of this fascinating archipelago, which marks the far west of Europe, have everything to offer to the holiday maker or the adventurer! If you are looking for spectacular scenery with endless panoramic views; beautiful nature almost wild and still untouched by man; vast open spaces where innumerable shades of green prevail; exuberant flora with hydrangeas, agapantos and azaleas in abundance; lonely routes; small and quiet villages; deserted and picturesque roads, idyllic coves and lovely beaches ... then the Azores are the ideal holiday destination for you!


However, the Azores are not only made of a virgin nature. This archipelago also has a fascinating history - due to its strategic position in the North Atlantic, between the triangle of the three continents European, American and African - a fact that has given the Azores a rich cultural heritage and unique traditions, interesting for all who seek to explore a little more! São Miguel is the largest island in the archipelago, 62.1 kilometers long and 15.8 kilometers wide. The area of ​​744.7 km2 houses more than half of the Azorean population: 137 856 inhabitants (data of 2011). São Miguel forms the Eastern Group of the Azores Archipelago together with the island of Santa Maria, located 81 km away. The highest point of the island, at 1105 m altitude, is located at Pico da Vara, at 37 ° 48'34 '' north latitude and 25 ° 12'40 '' west longitude. 2 hours flight to Lisbon, 3-5 hours to other European capitals, 5-6 hours to the U.S. (East Coast) and Canada. A peaceful region with political and social stability. One of the safest regions in Europe. Beneficial tax regime. The Region benefits from the 8th lowest VAT rate and 2nd VAT rate in the European Union.

  • According to Bloomberg, the Azores are the new adventure destination globally, being described as "a tranquil realm of picturesque Iberian charm and stunning greenery filled with vines carved by a dramatic volcanic eruption history."
  • The Lonely Planet magazine ranks the Azores as the 3rd best region to visit in 2017. The islands were selected due to their natural charms, such as volcanoes, thermal baths and cliffs. • National Geographic Traveler has chosen the Azores as the most beautiful place in the world for vacations or business trips during 2016.
  • The Guardian elected the Azores as "one of 40 places to visit during the year 2015"
  • The Green Destinations ranked the Azores in 2014 as "the most sustainable tourist destination in Europe", putting the region in the Top 100 of the Most Sustainable Destinations in the World.
  • Forbes magazine classified the Azores as "one of the most unique tourist destinations in the world"

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