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Sagres Holiday Homes and Properties For Sale

Sagres is located southwest in the Algarve, Portugal. It is 4 km to the east and 3 km south of Cape St. Vincent, considered the southwestern tip of continental Europe. The force of nature is so strong in the most southwestern tip of all continental Europe that visitors soon realize why the early settlers dubbed it "sacred" because it was the starting point of the Portuguese explorers in the fifteenth century into the unknown and how He managed to maintain its fascinating natural beauty. The region between the Ponta de Sagres and Cape St. Vincent was used for religious purposes since the time of the Neolithic, there menhirs in Vila do Bispo municipality, where both are located.Sagres displays some of the most impressive landscapes of the Algarve.

The history of Sagres has been defined by its geographical location and the magnificent headlands of Sagres and Cape St. Vincent. The idea that the land ends here these promontories 50 meters high that plunge dramatically into the sea was a constant source of mystery and attraction for the successive settlers of the region, as attested by the various traces of their presence. The most influential figure in the history of Sagres was Prince Henry, who then was inspired to embark on their voyages of discovery, bringing fame to the region and leading to the founding of Vila do Infante. Under his command, the area became a maritime activity center, where they met cartographers, astronomers and sailors, which were built caravels and where began the exploration of the African coast.

The wild and rugged landscape of Sagres and the strength and attraction of the sea continue to delight visitors. Beautiful cliffs and long stretches of sand on the coast north of Cape St. Vincent made it a favorite spot among surfers, paragliders and lovers of wild and inhospitable natural environments. The south coast offers more alternatives. Exposed beaches such as Tonel, helped turn Sagres in the surf capital of the Algarve, while the more sheltered beaches like Mareta or Martinhal, are favorite among families as they continue to maintain its natural and pristine environment. These are especially popular among divers, who enjoy the most of submerged caves of limestone cliffs Mareta or islet off the Martinhal. Traveling east along the south coast, you will find long sandy beaches alternate with small caves nestled between cliffs, and the more difficult access to sometimes offer blessed and virtually deserted beaches.

While beach lovers enjoy the sun, golfers can enjoy the beautiful views of the sea while testing their skills in the rolling hills of Forest Park field, located in the nearby village of Budens.